Ice cream with the highest concentration of matcha green tea in the world can be tasted at Nanaya, a store in Fujieda, Shizuoka Prefecture. Customers are invited to choose a "level" from 1 to 7. In regular green tea ice cream, the concentration of matcha reaches levels 1 to 2. Imagine how rich the flavor will be if you choose level 7!

Not only foreigners but also Japanese people associate green tea with the city of Uji near Kyoto. But Fujieda is also one of the largest green tea producers in the country, and the Nanaya store is an entire brand founded more than 100 years ago. Its current owner, Suzuki Naruhiko, believes that gelatto is the perfect way to bring out the flavor of green tea, while regular creamy ice cream doesn't give you the full range of flavors.

By the way, the 7 flavor levels are no accident. Firstly, the seven is in the name of the store. Secondly, it is believed in advertising psychology that this number causes the customer to associate it with abundance, encouraging him to make a purchase.

And what level would you choose from 1 to 7 if you decided to try the mattya ice cream at this store?