Last Sunday, a new bill banning people from walking on escalators went into effect in Nagoya.

Under this bill, people in public places such as train stations, office buildings and shopping centers are asked to stand still when using escalators, Kyodo News reported. However, the bill is not mandatory, and there are no penalties for those who violate it.

The Nagoya City Government has been running television advertising campaigns and putting up posters about the new bill at major train stations.

In Japan, it is usually customary for people on escalators to stand still on the left side, leaving the right side for those who want to go up or down faster. However, this has led to various incidents: in recent years people have often lost their balance and hit others, and there have also been accidents where passengers have run up and down escalators, hitting bags or colliding with the luggage of those standing still. It is also a hazard for people with disabilities or injuries who need crutches or canes.

After Saitama Prefecture, which tried to introduce a similar rule in October 2021, which was unsuccessful, Nagoya became the second region to introduce such a bill.