"Gone with the Ghosts" tells the story of Chihiro, a ten-year-old girl who, while moving with her family, stumbles upon an abandoned amusement park that serves as a gateway to a supernatural realm. Here gods, witches, and spirits roam in a world without humans. Once in this world, Chihiro finds herself trapped here and sets out to rescue her parents, who have been turned into pigs, in order to return to the human world.

Kana Hashimoto and Monet Kamiiraishi, who played the lead roles of Chihiro in the debut season, will return to the stage. This time, they will be joined by Rina Kawai and Momoko Fukushi, who will alternate in the role of Chihiro.

Visually, the performance is magnificent thanks to the amazingly realistic puppets created by Toby Oli. This is complemented by a live orchestra performing original compositions by Joe Hisaishi. The production lasts approximately three hours, including intermission.