Sakewarnya is a place where the art of sake making is intertwined with the history and culture of Japan. The Sakura Tours team recently traveled there to prepare a new tour, offering participants a deep dive into this fascinating world. At the sake brewery, visitors can see the process of creating sake, from the selection of rice to the fermentation and bottling of the drink. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the traditional methods and modern technology behind the creation of this celebrated Japanese beverage.

We have paid special attention to detail to ensure that every step of the tour leaves an unforgettable impression on visitors. We aim to not just show the process of sake creation, but to share a deep respect for this popular drink that is part of the cultural tradition of the Japanese people. Stay tuned to the Sakura Tours website for updates on our next steps and the opportunity to join this exciting tour. We are confident that every participant will find something fascinating and inspiring in this immersion into the world of sake and its history.


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