Japan is famous for its particular sensitivity to comfort. The Japanese value the convenience of life in all its manifestations to such an extent that it has become their national trait. And, of course, this applies first and foremost to housing.

Hotels here are probably some of the most thoughtful and comfortable in the world. If it is a Japanese hotel, it is simply designed for life. The obligatory attention to detail and attunement to the needs of guests do not depend on the level of the hotel.

The hotel industry in Japan is well developed. In any, even the smallest town, there is a hotel that will be glad to welcome tourists from all over the world. Where hotels are difficult to find simply because of the small size of the settlement, for example, in villages, there will be either a traditional ryokan or a simpler version of it, called minshuku.

Company "Sakura Tours" will book for you hotels in any city of Japan. We offer both economical accommodation options and expensive luxury hotels with exclusive services. With our help you will be able to find accommodation in Japan that fully meets your tastes and budget.

Proposed options

The table shows a list of hotels in some cities in Japan, with many of which our company has partner agreements. Thanks to this, hotel accommodation prices for our clients will be as low as possible.

Approximate hotel rates throughout Japan

Rates are quoted in US dollars per room per night. They may vary depending on the season and how full a hotel is.

The price does not include meals, except for those offers labeled BB (breakfast included) or BB+DIN (breakfast and dinner included).
Approximate prices for breakfasts:

  • hotels 5 - $35-55
  • hotels 4 - $25-30
  • hotels 2-3 - $15-20.

Payment for meals can be made either in advance or on site at the hotel.


Aman Tokyo 5+
Ritz Carlton Tokyo 5+
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo 5+
Peninsula Tokyo 5
Palace Hotel Tokyo 5
Four Seasons 5
New Otani Tower 4+
Shinagawa Prince Hotel 4
Ginza Marriott Hotel 4
Hilton Hotel Tokyo 4
Hilton Bay Hotel Disney Resort 4
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo 4
Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection 4
Sunshine City Prince Hotel 3

Narita, Hakone, Nikko


Narita Hilton Hotel 4
Nikko Narita Hotel 3



Ritz Carlton Osaka 5+
InterContinental Osaka 5+
Imperial Hotel Osaka 5
RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka 4
Osaka Daiichi Hotel 3

Kyushu and Okinawa

Rekans - living like the Japanese!

A ryokan is a traditional Japanese-style hotel. Ryokans are a distinctive attraction and an integral part of the culture for which Japan is famous. And it's best not to miss the chance.

Usually it is a small hotel with a characteristically ("Japanese") curved roof, although there are also buildings more reminiscent of Western hotels. The main feature is the interior - it is made in the traditional style with wall paintings, ikebana, traditional paintings, etc. The floors of the rooms (and often the common lobby) are decorated in the traditional style. The floors of the rooms (and often the common hall) are covered with straw mats - tatami, and the doors leading to the terrace or balcony are bamboo grates covered with thin paper. There is a traditional tea table where guests can spend their meals.

Authentic style extends to everything, so there are most often no beds in the usual sense. The place for sleeping is special mattresses, laid directly on the floor. But the comfort of sleep will be provided to the visitor at the highest level!

The service staff almost always has its own uniform, and it is strictly a traditional form of clothing - kimono. The peculiarity of such accommodation is that the attitude to guests here is somewhat different than in ordinary hotels. In general, it is much more homelike and is characterized by a very high level of service. That is why it is more like a guest house than a hotel.

The most ryokans are located in Kyotoas well as in neighborhoods hot springswhere such accommodation is traditionally in high demand. Therefore, it is better to book them in advance.

We offer reservations and accommodation in the most interesting and comfortable ryokans. Some of our Japan tours already include this type of hotels as comfortable and authentic accommodation. Reservation services are included in the price of the tours.