A presentation of the layout of Tokyo DisneySea's new themed area called Fantasy Springs, inspired by movies such as "Frozen," was made to the media 100 days before the official opening. This section, also based on "Peter Pan" and "Tangled," will include four attractions.

Oriental Land CEO, Yumiko Takano, said, "We believe that the introduction of the new area will make Tokyo Disney Resort a unique and world-renowned destination." The addition includes Frozen Kingdom, Rapunzel's Forest and Peter Pan's Neverland. It is scheduled to open on June 6. In addition, visitors will be able to stay at Disney's sixth hotel, the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, which will be located in the area.

The one-to-twenty-five scale model includes the castle from "Frozen" as well as the ice palace created by the magic of Elsa's character in the movie.