In front of you is an ordinary Japanese university hospital.

A ward for 4 people with a cupboard for personal belongings, a washbasin and a toilet. All beds are orthopedic, with accessories for changing their shape, which help to sit with a back rest, to take a comfortable position for lying down, to raise the head or legs. Each bed has a special panel, where you can connect to the oxygen supply, connect a heart rate monitor and other devices, the readings of which are displayed on the monitor of the nurse on duty. The patient can call her by pressing the alarm button. At the bedside there is a bedside table for personal belongings with a lockable safe, a compact refrigerator, and a TV set. The patient can separate himself from others with the help of curtains, which are attached to the rails on the ceiling. Three meals a day.

For example, this lunch: pork in sweet and sour sauce, rice, pickles for rice, miso soup, tea, fruit (apples in this case).

Nurses' duty post.

And this is a nurse delivering medicine to the sick. On the cart you can see a laptop with all the information you need.

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