Air travel within Japan continued unabated even during the pandemic. And now it is possible to fly over Mount Fuji!

This is an opportunity offered by Fuji Dream Airlines. The flight lasts 90 minutes and operates from Nagoya City.

The airplane has been designed to comply with coronavirus protection measures. There are separate seats for passengers who are traveling 1 person at a time. There are also several rows for 2 passengers, and a special compartment for a company of 3 people.

The pleasure is not cheap. Prices start from 31,000 yen (〜$300) for those traveling alone. A group of 2 people will have to pay 14,000 yen (〜$135) for each passenger, and a group of 3 people will pay 18,000 yen (〜$175). However, the high prices do not scare the Japanese. The first flight was held on September 20, and tickets were sold out in minutes. There are also several flights scheduled for October. The schedule along with other offers for travel within Japan is available on the Fuji Dream Airlines website.