What's your deal with the Olympics?

We get this question from our partners and travelers as often as we get the question of when to come to Japan.

The Olympic torch relay, which was brought to Japan last year, is still expected to start on March 25. It will start from the soccer training center located in Fukushima Prefecture and will take 121 days. During this time, the Olympic flame will travel to all 47 Japanese prefectures.

Usually the relay is held in the presence of spectators, but this time the authorities want to avoid crowds. Therefore, it is expected that all events will be held in a closed mode.

As for the presence of spectators and, in particular, foreign fans at the Olympic Games themselves, the authorities have not yet commented. But the majority of Japanese people are against the mass arrival of tourists, because of the fact that new strains of the virus are appearing, and vaccination by summer, most likely, will not be able to be carried out in full.