Miyajima Island, located off the coast of Hiroshima in Japan, is one of the gems of Japan's cultural and natural heritage. It is home to one of Japan's most revered shrines, Itsukushima Jinja, which adds a special beauty to the island's landscape. Its huge red gates, torii standing gracefully in the waters of the bay, are as much a symbol of the Land of the Rising Sun as Mount Fuji-san. It can only be reached at low tide.

And when the tide comes in, the base of the gate is hidden by the waves, and it seems as if the gate is floating above the water surface. Good news for fans of this unique place - the torii have undergone a process of restoration and have been completely renovated. Come and enjoy the unprecedented beauty of this architectural masterpiece and the surrounding nature. Miyajima Island is also home to hundreds of tame deer. Just like in the former Japanese capital of Nara.

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