It is true that after losing a major war, Japan decided to bid farewell to its samurai past forever, threw away its swords, armed itself with computers, telephones, and instead of warships, began sending overseas merchant ships with automobiles and machine tools.

But it would be untrue to say that the spirit of samuraiism has been completely replaced by the spirit of mercantilism. Under the European costume, invisible to a superficial glance, there is still the spirit of the Japanese warrior. And not all of Japan has been rolled up in asphalt and concrete - there are still oases reminding of the distant and not always understandable era of the samurai.

We invite you to touch the still alive spirit of samurai during an unusual trip to Japan. This trip can be a great gift for men! This tour is also recommended for strengthening the team spirit of company personnel!

Detailed program

Day 1: Tokyo

Arrival at Haneda Airport. Transfer to Tokyo.

Your introduction to Japan begins on the way from the airport. The car will drive over the Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay, which offers one of the most beautiful views of the Japanese capital.

After 14:00 hotel accommodation. In Japanese hotels are quite late check-in, so, having left your things there, you can walk around the capital and have lunch in the restaurant you like. Rest. Earlier check-in is possible for an additional fee (daily rate).

A tour of of Tokyo in the evening (4 hours).

  • Popular neighborhood Odaiba on the bulk islands in Tokyo Bay.
  • Japanese Statue of Liberty - a scaled-down copy of its American relative.
  • Observation deck on the 52nd floor of the tower Mori Tower.
  • Ginza District

Return to the hotel or transfer to the restaurant.

Day 2. Tokyo

  • Attending a fencing class Samurai swordsman Tetsuro Shimaguchi, the director of sword fighting scenes in many Japanese and Hollywood movies, such as Kill Bill. During the class, which will be videotaped, the master will teach you basic stances, offense and defense, and act out exciting sword fighting scenes with his assistants. (2.5 hours).
  • A visit to the sword museumwhere you can get acquainted with both historical and modern samples, with the technique of their manufacture.
  • Visiting Sengakuji TempleIt is the famous site of the collective harakiri (ritual suicide) of the 47 ronin of Prince Asano, who took revenge on their master's assailant and thus condemned themselves to death. This temple will forever preserve the memory of the samurai's heart's devotion to duty.
  • Tasting of the best sake varieties and an introduction to its production technology at the Sake Producers Association of Japan.

Day 3. Kyoto

Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to Kyoto by shinkansen bullet train.

Kyoto tourthe spiritual capital of Japan.

  • Pure Water Templewith an open veranda overlooking the entire city.
  • Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion - A temple included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Ryoanji Temple with the true wonder of the world, the Garden of Stones (also part of the World Heritage Site).
  • Samurai House Nijo-jin-ya with secret passageways and rooms built to protect against ninja spies.
  • Nijo Castle with the world-famous architectural marvel, Nightingale Floors.
  • In the evening. dinner with maikoGeisha apprentice (geiko) in the hall with other visitors. If you wish to have a private dinner with a maiko, you will have to pay a surcharge. $900.

Day 4. Himeji - Nagoya

Checking out of the hotel.

Transfer to Himeji City and a visit to the castle of the same name, also called "White Heron Castle" for its dazzling whiteness. It is one of Japan's four surviving feudal castles, and its exterior and interior layout provide a detailed insight into the life of a medieval Japanese warrior.

Transfer to Nagoya, check-in at the hotel.

Day 5. Nagoya

Checking out of the hotel.

  • Visit to the plant of the global auto giant Toyota and the Museum of Automotive History.
  • Transfer to Tokyo. Attend a class on playing Japanese traditional wadaiko drums.that once lifted samurai into battle and helped invoke the Shinto spirits.
  • The evening is at the one founded in 1911. at the Lion beer restaurantYou can try a variety of Japanese beers, and more.

Day 6. Nikko

Checking out of the hotel.

Excursion to Nikko.

  • A UNESCO world cultural treasure of unparalleled beauty, the temple is one of the most beautiful in the world. Toshogu complexthe tomb of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of Tokyo.
  • Picturesque Kagon Falls almost 100 meters high.
  • A lake of volcanic origin Chuzenji-ko.
  • Nestled on its shores is a cozy family restaurant You can enjoy home-cooked rainbow trout by the fireplace. The restaurant's interior is decorated with the works of its owner, the famous Japanese photographer Fukuda-san. He is also an experienced hunter and fisherman.

Overnight stay at a ryokan, a Japanese-style hotel. Dinner at the ryokan. Natural thermal spring.

Day 7. Nikko

Continuation of the tour of Nikko (Kinugawa district). Nikko-Edo-mura Theme Park, recreating the atmosphere of old Edo (Tokyo) with a Ninja theatrical performance.

Visiting an amusement park "The World in Miniature"This is the only place in the world where you can still see the twin towers. It is the only place in the world where you can still see the twin towers.

Return to Tokyo. Check-in to hotel.

Option! Instead of visiting Kinugawa. transfer by panoramic train to the historic town of Aizu-Wakamatsu (2 ч).

Tour of the castle townonce belonging to the Matsudaira clan.

  • Attendance of the samurai house districtin which time seems to have stood still since the 17th century.
  • Tsuruga Castle or Crane Castle with the adjoining Oyaku-en Landscape Garden.
  • Mount Iimoriknown to every Japanese as the site of the ritual suicide of 16-year-old schoolchildren in 1868 who resisted Emperor Meiji's course of Europeanization of the country.
  • Attendance sakevarni in the village of O-uchi-juku, watching the sake brewing process.
  • A visit to one of Japan's oldest Yunokami hot spring complexes.

Return to Tokyo. Check-in to hotel.

Day 8. Return home

Transfer to Haneda Airport. Have a safe trip!